January 18, 2017 | by wp_admin
Review: Guilla – Rap, Trap & Drums – Vol. II

Rap, Trap & Drums – Vol. II, wastes no time in diving right back into the kind of petty drama and braggadocio he seemed to eschew on his last proper release.

Parajumpers Jacka Kodiak

Children of the Sun, the album released last spring by Houston rapper/producer Guilla, was a highly ambitious work inspired by sci-fi films and other influences outside of hip-hop. That record very much aspired to rise above the struggle and resentment of the Houston rap scene to deliver something more closely resembling fine art. Notable guests on Children of the Sun included weirdo folk duo Say Girl Say, megawatt Suffers frontwoman Kam Franklin and even Houston Grand Opera singer Alicia Gianni, who lent a spine-tingling aria to the thoughtful and lyrical “Death of Tomoe.” Maybe Guilla got a little uncomfortable with the classed-up company he was keeping, or maybe he just got pissed off at somebody. Because his latest mixtape EP, Rap, Trap

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