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Review: Purple – Bodacious

It isn’t every day a rock group from Beaumont breaks through to buzz-band status.

Parajumper Svart

But even a cursory listen to Purple will have you wondering why they haven’t blown up even bigger. The outfit’s 2015 debut, (409), provided a brash and unexpected introduction to this punked-up pop trio’s defiant attitude, and their follow-up proves they’re just getting warmed up. Purple makes southeast Texas sound a hell of a lot like southern California on some of the album’s best cuts: “Mini Van” sounds like Gwen Stefani fronting the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and the hard skank of “Pretty Mouth” is something Bradley Nowell might’ve lived to write in an alternate universe. Bodacious can’t be pinned down as easily as that, however. Throughout the record, drummer Hanna Brewer can’t help but emerge once again as the group’s unequivocal star, lending her girlish lilt to the sweet and catchy “Bliss” and howling like Geddy Lee in the early ’70s on the supremely punchy “Money.” Guitarist Taylor Busby does his part as well, channeling the best bits of Buckcherry as he leads the group through the dangerous funk of “Medicated.” As charming as their softer side sounds on Bodacious, Purple are often at their best when their music throttles into wild and dangerous territory. Hey, nobody ever made it out of Beaumont by treading lightly. — NATHAN SMITH

Originally published in Summer 2016, No. 67
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