This story was originally published in San Antonio Magazine, and is used here with permission. You can view the original version of the story here.

Garrett T. Capps and the NASA Country Band will spend part of October in Europe, but they’re just as excited to be playing on the St. Mary’s Strip in their hometown.

“San Antonio rocks,” says Capps. “It’s a privilege to be able to call it my home and know so many awesome people there.”

Capps has been playing with the musicians who make up his NASA Country band for years in San Antonio, but People Are Beautiful, the album he released last fall, is Capps’ first full record to feature the band.

“There’s definitely some real personalities and kind of legendary teamsters in the band,” says Capps, describing bandmates Justin Boyd (modular synthesizer), Torin Metz (guitar, steel and vocals) and Kory Cook (drums, bass and vocals). “We make pretty unique sounds.”

The group spent the summer touring Texas and the West Coast with shows in San Francisco, Portland, Seattle and elsewhere. They’ll head to the Netherlands and Belgium in October but not before a proper sendoff during an Oct. 16 concert at the Lonesome Rose, which Capps co-founded on The St. Mary’s Strip in 2018.

Though his latest album dropped last year, Capps released a remixed single from the album this summer, “Getting’ Better,” with the Austin-based nonprofit label Spaceflight Records.

“This is like a psychedelic full band interpretation of my songwriting styles,” Capps says.

Capps worked on both People are Beautiful and I Love San Antone, which came out in 2021, during the pandemic when live shows were few and far between.

He says this year is the first since COVID-19 hit where they’ve been able to “properly execute” and plan a tour. Capps says audiences are as excited as ever to hear live music.

And while he describes his brand of country as a little weird, Capps says he’s finding an audience for it even in cities he’s playing for the first time.

“It’s fun to do unconventional stuff,” he says.

Hear Capps and NASA Country
Monday, Oct. 16, 7 p.m.
The Lonesome Rose, 2114 N. St. Mary’s St., San Antonio, TX 78212