Opening their doors just over three years ago in the heart of South Austin, Still Austin Whiskey Co. has a lot to be proud of. Not only are they known for their sustainably sourced and locally crafted spirits, they were also the first distillery to open within city limits since Prohibition.

That’s why we chose their building once again as the location for our next Front Porch Session (Still Austin is also the presenting sponsor of the concert). Before we live-stream a performance by The Peterson Brothers on Nov. 28, they’ll be providing free booze to pair with the show. (RSVP here to get a taste of their new Straight Bourbon Whiskey.)

For those that fall in love with the taste, we suggest buying a bottle and trying out the recipe below.

Still Austin Whiskey’s Fall Ball


1.5 oz. Still Austin Straight Bourbon
1 oz. Apple and Cinnamon infused Still Austin Straight Bourbon
.5 oz. honey syrup
1 can of Rambler sparkling water
1 lemon wedge , apple slice, and cherry to garnish

In a Collins glass with ice, combine bourbon, infused bourbon, and honey syrup. Stir.
Top with ice and Rambler (or your favorite sparkling water). Garnish and enjoy!