Making a playlist that captures everything the state of Texas has to offer is impossible. After all, we’re home to four of the country’s ten most populous cities. So, it should be said right up front that this set of songs isn’t intended to be all encompassing. Instead, it’s a living document of the newest standout songs from Texas artists. All the songs for this initial iteration were released within the past year. And you’ll notice that there’s a wide range of styles, from country to hip-hop and indie rock to Latin pop.

It’ll be updated quarterly (at minimum), adding songs that show off excellent new tracks from Texas artists and trying to keep the songs limited to those released in the past year. We also wanted to keep the playlist a manageable length. Don’t get it twisted, we could probably have run a few hundred songs that met the criteria. I see this medium as a great way to let our readers know about the freshest songs in the region. And since the playlist will be regularly updated, I’d recommend adding it to your profile and following our Spotify account.

If you’re worried about such a perfect mix of songs disappearing, don’t worry—I’m planning on releasing a series of standing playlists over the course of the year. (Did I mention following our Spotify account?)

Do I have a favorite song I discovered while making this playlist? Well, I think it would be a close call between Angel White’s “Red Blanket,” Zella Day’s “Hand As My Arrow,” Kam Frankin’s “Byrd and Shepard,” and Mister Data’s “Bad Actors.” If you think we left off something crucial, you’re probably right. Feel free to let us know on social media what tracks we should consider for future iterations.