Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Album Reviews

Review: Wiretree – Get Up

Wiretree’s fourth release is pure power-pop pleasure: clean harmonies, crisp acoustic guitars, shimmering synths and infinitely hummable choruses. It’s light

Review: Emile Millar

There are a lot of Emile Millars out there, versatile guys on the working-class end of the music business, grinding it out on the road between production gigs, landing their songs on TV shows and movies in Hollywood and occasionally making it back to Austin to knock out an EP as good as Millar’s latest solo project.

Review: The Reynolds Number

Some bands are much more Beatles than Stones, and then much more McCartney than Lennon. It’s a long line of heart-on-the-sleeve nice-guy rock that runs through Coldplay and the Fray and doesn’t lose much steam in the hands of young Austin band the Reynolds Number.


Q & A: Gary P. Nunn

The former Cosmic Cowboy — and the man responsible for the Austin City Limits theme song — is turning his attention to Western Swing. BY COY PRATHER