Johndavid Bartlett has a musical history that could fill a couple of books. Bypassing a career that includes connections with the Red Krayola and the 13th Floor Elevators, Bartlett has returned to a recording career he’s ditched a few times across five decades. In Your Dreams is collaborated with the Austin (via Denton) psychedelic outfit Acid Carousel, and it’s a match made in hallucinogenic heaven.

Sounding like classic psychedelia akin to the Seeds and Blue Cheer, In Your Dreams is hypnotic and brazenly aggressive. Tunes such as “Lunatic Zone,” “City Fires” and “Big Lie” add a horn section to the sonic blare as Acid Carousel wails away while Bartlett sounds barely contained by his own skin. This isn’t a pleasant buzz; it’s more akin to an acid casualty. When young guys back an elder rocker, things can often go awry, but In Your Dreams pairs two artists separated only by age. The blurred visions are beautifully and chaotically entwined.

Johndavid Bartlett & Acid Carousel
In Your Dreams
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