Featuring a sound steeped in West Texas roots, Rett Smith’s new album, What the Walls Cannot See, is a dark Americana record that showcases the songwriter’s evolution as well as his ties to his Texas origins. Set to drop Oct. 15, Smith’s record features collaborations with producer Jason Burt, singer Jessica Lea Mayfield and mixer Tom Soares.


Entering their second decade of collaboration, the Roomsounds have announced the release of their first album in five years, Good Company, out Oct. 15. With the help of producer and engineer John Pedigo, the Dallas-based group aims to be thought-provoking, sentimental and emotionally vulnerable while showcasing the band members’ musicianship.


Celebrating nearly half a century of Western swing, Asleep at the Wheel (pictured at top) is set to release its latest album, Half a Hundred Years, Oct. 1. The 19-track album features music legends such as Willie Nelson, George Strait and Lyle Lovett, and serves as a reminder to take ownership and care of the things you love.


Determined to do something different for her 12th album, singer Ana Egge began collaborating with Irish singer Mick Flannery via FaceTime. The result is the 11-track album Between Us, set to release Sept. 17 via StorySound Records. Produced by Lorenzo Wolff, the album is a response to the stresses of the pandemic and social unrest of 2020 and delves into the complexities of troubled relationships.


Producer and musician Andrew Moon celebrates his alter ego, Brown Bones, with the release of his self-titled album Aug. 27. Giving nods to indie and folk traditions, Brown Bones pulls from rich and intimate folklore, weaving minimal, modern and electronic elements into each song.


Rockwell native Erin Kinsey released her newest country single, “Just Drive,” Aug. 6. The single, which received over 100 million views on Tik Tok, was co-written by Kinsey, Michael August and Josh Ronen. “Just Drive” combines a traditional country lyric with the grit of a pop rock Paramore song to create a piece that Kinsey hopes will be relatable to those who just want to get away from it all.


Clay Walker released his latest studio album, Texas to Tennessee, July 30. The album details Walker’s move from his home in Galveston to Nashville after Hurricane Ike displaced his family. Produced and co-written by Michael Knox and Jaron Boyer, Texas to Tennessee focuses on Walker’s signature voice while mixing in elements of contemporary country.


Genre-jumping indie singer Ben Kweller has released a video for his single “Just For Kids,” one of eight tracks on his most recent album, Circuit Boredom. Released on New Year’s Day 2021, Circuit Boredom has since become available to the public via the Noise Company. Co-produced by Kweller and Dwight A. Baker, the album now boasts 3 million global streams.


Austin songwriter and Nobody’s Girl band member Grace Pettis has released a video for her single “Landon,” one of the prominent tracks from her 2017 album Working Woman. The song, which features the vocals of the Indigo Girls, is an apology to her childhood friend for not being a source of support in his life after he came out as gay in high school. The music video for the ballad, released July 17, features Landon himself and draws on Pettis’ new perspectives while exploring past relationships.