Review: Sara Hickman – Shine

For over 20 years, Sara Hickman has been making records that combine rock-solid melodies with wit and charm.

Review: Breting Engel

On the pleasantly woozy “Billings, MT,” environmental lawyer-turned-troubadour Breting Engel croons “I think I see a star / Or it’s just a streetlight.”

Spotlight On…Neon Indian

NO ONE QUITE expected the breakout success of Neon Indian, least of all the outfit’s 22-year-old creator, Alan Palomo.
Old 97's

Review: Old 97’s – The Grand Theatre Volume One

A band with this kind of tenure and maturity can deliver the trademark licks, but still take some calculated risks, both challenging and delighting longtime fans. These tunes are going to be fun to hear live, and might just turn the heads of some new listeners. Now, when can we hear Volume Two?
Ryan Bingham

Review: Ryan Bingham & The Dead Horses – Junky Star

After winning an Oscar and Golden Globe for “The Weary Kind (Theme from Crazy Heart),” Ryan Bingham and his band, the Dead Horses, should...

Review: Randy Rogers Band – Burning the Day

Chalk another one up for the guys at the head of the current Texas country class.

‘Harper Valley P.T.A.’

How Texan Jeannie C. Riley Lashed Out Against Conservative Hypocrisy and Then Became Typecast

10 From Texas: Best Bob Dylan Covers

CAN THERE BE A MORE intimidating endeavor for a singer than to cover Bob Dylan? And yet, so many seem unable to resist the challenge. In fact, it’s probably easier to assemble a list of artists who haven’t covered the Bard than those who have, which means we have plenty of selections to choose from when listing our favorite Dylan covers by Texas artists. BY PETER KEANE

Miles and Miles: Billy Bob’s

The “World’s Largest Honky Tonk” may be the most recognizable country bar in the world. And this year it turns 30. BY DARREN WHITE