We All Hate Ourselves Sometimes
Spaceflight Records

Sometimes the hardest space to sit in is with ourselves. In her latest EP, We All Hate Ourselves Sometimes, Primo the Alien tackles introspection with heartfelt lyrics but doesn’t lose her iconic synth-pop sound.

The EP, a departure from last year’s journey back in time with Heart on the Run, sounds like a fresh take on work from similar “out of this world” pop artists such as Robyn and Lady Gaga.

A title as straightforward as “We All Hate Ourselves Sometimes” might come off as depressing, but instead, the track is laced with a light, catchy hook that turns the cruel, judgmental thoughts our inner critics feed us into an easier-to-accept reality. It recalls memories of Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own,” which also turns a harsh moment into a motivational anthem.

While the Austin-based artist has moved on from the ’80s-inspired Heart on the Run, “More Love” still has that decade’s touch, particularly in the chorus’ Kate Bush-esque octaves and chords. “Move” also feels familiar, following the typical bubblegum pop formula of motivational messages (“At least I’m movin’ / At least I know how to move”) set to something upbeat. This type of pop tends to get discounted, but there isn’t anything wrong with simplicity. This is the kind that Primo the Alien does best.

And while she’s mastered the genre, Primo’s experimental “Sad Part of a Happy Movie” shows why she is, as Billboard notes, one of the “Hot 100 Independent Artists to Watch.” The grand exploration of life’s low points as it relates to the bigger story is her most beautiful and powerful track to date. It’s naturally split into three acts, like a film. In the first part she sets the stage, only to leave it in the middle for an instrumental synth-pop bridge to take over, as if you’re watching the movie play out. She returns for act three, this time picking up the energy to show the story does indeed have a happy ending. Seeing Primo perform this track live will be a treat for audiences.

Fans of the Austin City Limits Music Festival and SXSW performer will be pleased to know that Primo’s currently working on an album set for release next spring.

We All Hate Ourselves Sometimes is out Sept. 21.

Photos courtesy Juice Consulting