Fronted by singer-songwriter-keyboardist Om Shankar, they come through the speakers like sunshine through a stained-glass kaleidoscope. If Shankar ever had a cynical thought, he didn’t work it into any of these songs, most of which lean lyrically into various kinds of love or feel-good philosophy. His default vocal setting has the clarity and tenor of Phil Collins after a long dip in the fountain of youth, and he does actually have a pretty formidable rock ’n’ roll scream whenever he ups the intensity (such as around three-quarters of the way through “Follow You”). Along with the occasional biting guitar break among the keyboard swirls, it’s a welcome edge amid the sonic elation. If you think there’s such a thing as being earnest to a fault, this may not be the band for you: cheerier listeners will find their happiness both reflected and magnified.


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