Wiretree’s fourth release is pure power-pop pleasure: clean harmonies, crisp acoustic guitars, shimmering synths and infinitely hummable choruses. It’s light fare, to be sure, but satisfying if you don’t think too much about it — the sorts of sounds best enjoyed on breezy afternoons, turned way up with the windows rolled down. Bouncy tunes like “Marching Band” and “Doctor” offer nods to the sunniest songs of the Beatles and the Kinks, with jaunty chord progressions and tinkling, saloon-style piano lines. Lengthier anthem “To the Moon” culminates in an electric guitar solo to please Syd Barrett. While there are no bad songs on the record, the tone is almost too consistently buoyant to choose a stand-out single. The closest contender is probably the title track opener, with its ethereal oohs, peppy percussion and celebratory mantra that “only good things matter in the end.” The philosophy may not be perfect, but it’s contagiously optimistic, or as frontman Kevin Peroni croons, “Don’t know what we’re going to find / Give me love, give me cheap wine / In the end, our love will take us away.”  —  ALLIE EISSLER