Spoon frontman Britt Daniel is testing out his acting chops in the old Hollywood Western-themed music video for the band’s latest single “Wild,” from their tenth album, Lucifer on the Sofa, out Feb. 11.

Directed by Ben Chappell and Brook Linder, the visual for “Wild” aims to depict the song’s celebratory venture back to a vivid and colorful reality after spending some time in the black and white haze of sullen depths.

“There’s always something unexpected in the familiar with Spoon,” Linder says of the Austin-based ensemble. “They’re mythic to me somehow, and ‘Wild’ needed to feel like a myth, or at least illustrate the myth-making process in some odd way. We used the old ways — crude in-camera techniques — to hit this uncanny Western film note. Britt is the quintessential Western hero.”

Lucifer on the Sofa was recorded in Texas, making the theme all the more fitting. “Wild” follows “The Hardest Cut,” shared last October as the lead single to the album. The tracks preview what Daniel has described as “the sound of classic rock as written by a guy who never did get Eric Clapton.”

Reconnecting with their pure love of classic rock, Spoon co-produced the record with Adele and Queens of the Stone Age collaborator Mark Rankin, with additional contributions from Dave Fridmann and Justin Raisen.

The band plans to share tour dates for an upcoming spring trek shortly. Getting back onto the road and consistently playing shows has filled a void that expanded during the stalled early months of the pandemic.

In a 2020 interview, Daniel looked back on his early days of touring and how his ideology has changed since then, saying: “When we used to tour in vans, I would do that drive between Texas and the West Coast several times a year,” Daniel says. “Believe me, I got to where I didn’t  appreciate it. But now it just feels so good to be out in the big, wide world. Even stopping at a gas station feels like a little adventure.”