A Date with the Oxys
Dead Beat Records

Trashy, sweaty, mid-tempo punk rock will always find a warm spot in my heart, and this sordid group of older Austin punks does the genre proud on A Date with the Oxys. In actuality, several members of the Oxys have connections with some legendary American punk rock icons, such as Cheetah Chrome and the Dead Boys and Sylvain Sylvain. So it stands to reason that this debut album would be, as Bob Stinson of the Replacements once said, “hotter than a urinary tract infection.”

From the opening cut, the stomping, New York Dolls influenced “Liars, Betrayers and Spies,” the Oxys simply don’t let up. This isn’t wind-up hardcore or some guys who wear punk apparel picked up at the thrift store. A Date with the Oxys is an ugly, menacing romp through the best seedy punk rock of the ’70s. Think of Johnny Thunders’ Heartbreakers and the early work of the aforementioned Replacements. Add in a bit of Social Distortion and maybe even the pop smarts of Dramarama and you have an amazing musical cocktail.

Guitarist Jason “Ginchy” Kottwitz lays down some classic punk riffs, and singer Phil “PunkrockPhil” Davis perfectly mirrors the structured chaos with his keening vocals. Songs such as “Motel Hell,” “Premeditated” and “Anxieties” seethe out of the speakers as this five- piece shreds and bares all its collective disaffection. Potent doesn’t begin to describe the results of this band’s labor. This is truly intense and rocking fare, way better than some of the pretentious noise coming from bands who only understand the fashion and pose of punk but not its musical power.

Do yourself a favor and go on a date with the Oxys. They are the band your mother warned you about. They are an irreverent, inarticulate, distorted mess. God bless them.

Cover promo photo courtesy of the artists.